Grand Canyon - Embedded rock

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Huge quartzite rock embedded in sediment in Grand Canyon - did it come tumbling down from the clouds?

Embedded quartzite rocks in Grand Canyon - Are the thick and even sediment layers in Grand Canyon accumulated slowly, particle for particle, during long periods of time? Can you see the big stone in the midst of the layers? (click on the picture for a larger view).

How did this big stone get there...? (the stone isn't even of the same kind as the surrounding sediment).

The stone has actually been flushed into place by an immense mud flow after it had been violently broken off a quartzite-cliff some distance away! There are actually several similar stones placed in a long row, from the cliff gradually descending through several "time zones", as the stones a found farther and farther away from the cliff, like so:

---------------------------------[stone]---- ------

Moreover, this stone is embedded in layers of sediment while the sediment were still wet. If one watches the edges of the stone closely one can see that sediment is softly folded around the edges. The embedding of the stone must have happened very quickly. Several layers of muddy waters have flushed the stones in place and eventually embedded them deep down in the ground.

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