Folded bedrock

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Picture 1 (below): Sullivan River, British Columbia. Folded sedimentary layers suggest great tectonic violence in the past. No sign of tensile cracking and no sign of erosion on this razor-sharp mountain top. (Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa: photograph number 180345)

Folded bedrock

Picture 2 (right): Switzerland - Compacted and folded and bent stiff bedrock in the Alps. Can you fold it like this without the sediment layers still being wet and soft? Can you see the cabin at the foot of the mountain?

These formations cannot have formed through current uniformitarian model (slow change over long periods of time). They must have formed through either water content sediment being pressed and folded like this (while still wet = all layers laid down in a very short period of time), or by heated lava.

(From "Our Origins", picture from Switzerland)

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