Flood myths

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Similarities, and differences - Click to enlarge

There are about 270 flood myths preserved from nearly all main cultures from all over the world, from all continents. The table shows some similarities (and differences) between some of them.

The data in the table is based on the works of Sir James George Frazer.

Have all the cultures only fabricated it? Have they all conspired and told each other the same story? Or, do all the cultures from all over the world have the same origins, and after the languages had been confused they spread out over the entire planet?

Aspects listed in the table:

  • Monotheism (M), Polythesism (P), not def. (?)
  • People evil
  • God warns in advance
  • God-send flood
  • World wide (flood)
  • Rescue manner
  • Number of saved people
  • Animals saved
  • Animals let out of the Ark
  • Landed on a mountain
  • Offerings to God
  • Rainbow in the sky

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