Drupal vs Sharepoint Server 2003

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Source: http://www.cmsmatrix.org/matrix/cms-matrix

Drupal 6.2
Share Point Portal Server 2003
Last Updated 4/10/2008 12/7/2005
System Requirements Drupal Share Point Portal Server
Application Server PHP 4.3.5+ .NET
Approximate Cost Free 6000 (AUD)
Database MySQL, Postgres Microsoft SQL Server 2000
License GNU GPL Commercial, per CPU
Operating System Any Windows Server 2003
Programming Language PHP C#, ASP.NET, ASP, apps written in almost any language can be integrated.
Root Access No Yes
Shell Access No Yes
Web Server Apache, IIS MS-IIS



Share Point Portal Server
Audit Trail Yes Yes
Captcha Free Add On Yes
Content Approval Yes Yes
Email Verification Yes No
Granular Privileges Yes Yes
Kerberos Authentication No Yes
LDAP Authentication Free Add On Yes
Login History Yes Yes
NIS Authentication No No
NTLM Authentication Free Add On Yes
Pluggable Authentication Yes Yes
Problem Notification No Yes
Sandbox No Yes
Session Management Yes No
SMB Authentication No No
SSL Compatible Yes Yes
SSL Logins No Yes
SSL Pages No Yes
Versioning Yes Limited



Share Point Portal Server
Certification Program No Yes
Code Skeletons Yes Yes
Commercial Manuals Yes Yes
Commercial Support Yes Yes
Commercial Training Yes Yes
Developer Community Yes Yes
Online Help Yes Yes
Pluggable API Yes Yes
Professional Hosting Yes Yes
Professional Services Yes Yes
Public Forum Yes Yes
Public Mailing List Yes Yes
Test Framework Free Add On No
Third-Party Developers Yes Yes
Users Conference Yes Limited

Ease of Use


Share Point Portal Server
Drag-N-Drop Content Free Add On Yes
Email To Discussion Free Add On Limited
Friendly URLs Yes Limited
Image Resizing Free Add On Yes
Macro Language Free Add On Yes
Mass Upload Free Add On Yes
Prototyping Limited Yes
Server Page Language Yes Yes
Site Setup Wizard Limited
Spell Checker Free Add On No
Style Wizard Limited Limited
Subscriptions Free Add On Yes
Template Language Limited Yes
UI Levels No Yes
Undo Limited No
WYSIWYG Editor Free Add On Yes
Zip Archives No Yes



Share Point Portal Server
Advanced Caching Yes Yes
Database Replication Limited Yes
Load Balancing Yes Yes
Page Caching Yes Yes
Static Content Export No Yes



Share Point Portal Server
Advertising Management Free Add On No
Asset Management Yes Limited
Clipboard No Limited
Content Scheduling Free Add On Yes
Content Staging Free Add On No
Inline Administration Yes Yes
Online Administration Yes Yes
Package Deployment No Yes
Sub-sites / Roots Yes Yes
Themes / Skins Yes Yes
Trash No No
Web Statistics Yes Yes
Web-based Style/Template Management Yes Yes
Web-based Translation Management Yes No
Workflow Engine Limited Limited



Share Point Portal Server
Content Syndication (RSS) Yes Yes
FTP Support Limited No
iCal Free Add On
UTF-8 Support Yes Yes
WAI Compliant Limited Limited
WebDAV Support No Yes
XHTML Compliant Yes Yes



Share Point Portal Server
CGI-mode Support Yes No
Content Reuse Limited Yes
Extensible User Profiles Yes Yes
Interface Localization Yes No
Metadata Yes Yes
Multi-lingual Content Yes Yes
Multi-lingual Content Integration Free Add On Yes
Multi-Site Deployment Yes Yes
URL Rewriting Yes Yes

Built-in Applications


Share Point Portal Server
Blog Yes No
Chat Free Add On Costs Extra
Classifieds Free Add On Yes
Contact Management Free Add On No
Data Entry Free Add On Yes
Database Reports No No
Discussion / Forum Yes Yes
Document Management Limited Yes
Events Calendar Free Add On Yes
Events Management Free Add On
Expense Reports No No
FAQ Management Yes Yes
File Distribution Free Add On Yes
Graphs and Charts No Yes
Groupware Free Add On Yes
Guest Book Free Add On Yes
Help Desk / Bug Reporting Free Add On Yes
HTTP Proxy No Yes
In/Out Board No Yes
Job Postings Free Add On Yes
Link Management Free Add On Yes
Mail Form Free Add On Yes
Matrix No Yes
My Page / Dashboard Free Add On Yes
Newsletter Free Add On Yes
Photo Gallery Free Add On Yes
Polls Yes Yes
Product Management Free Add On Yes
Project Tracking Free Add On Yes
Search Engine Yes Yes
Site Map Free Add On Yes
Stock Quotes Free Add On Yes
Surveys Free Add On Yes
Syndicated Content (RSS) Yes Yes
Tests / Quizzes Free Add On Yes
Time Tracking Free Add On No
User Contributions Yes Yes
Weather Free Add On Yes
Web Services Front End Limited Yes
Wiki Free Add On No



Share Point Portal Server
Affiliate Tracking Free Add On No
Inventory Management Free Add On Limited
Pluggable Payments Free Add On Limited
Pluggable Shipping Free Add On Limited
Pluggable Tax Free Add On Limited
Point of Sale No Limited
Shopping Cart Free Add On No
Subscriptions Free Add On Limited
Wish Lists Free Add On Limited